Need to design Verilog code for turing machine on

I want to design a verilog code for turing machine under EDAplayground at link

I have already made code in C ( c code file is attached herewith) and it is working but I need to make it in verilog in the said online verilog compiler

description for the working of Turing machine is as given below:
We want to output “ABC”
The code would be
i0 65 // load the register 0 with 65 which is ASCII “A” (hex 41)
i1 3 // load the register 1 with value 3
[x // set a Startmarker for a loop
oO // output the content of register 0
+0 // increment register 0
]1 // decrement register 1. If the result is not zero go back to Startmarker

Let’s say we replace the symbolic code with hex-numbers:
i = A // example A5 65 => load Register #5 with ASCII “A”
o = F

  • = B // example B5 => increment Register #5 (which get s “B”)
    [ = C // example C0 sets a start marker (label) for a loop
  • = E
    ] = D

The code sequence would look like A0 41 A1 03 C0 F0 B0 D1
two digits after AO that is 41 will come out as result 44
that means
for 41 result will be 44
for 51 result will be 54